What our Professionals are saying

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Dr. Gys du Plessis

- Medical Director, Nimue Bioscience, Johannesburg Area, South Africa

"LUSCIOUS LIPS ™ is an effective topical alternative to doctor administered injections without stinging, burning or causing lip redness. This makes LUSCIOUS LIPS ™ perfect for people who don't want cosmetic surgery but still want the immediate volumising effects of these treatments, or for those who have had lip augmentation and want to maintain this look for longer," he explains.

Dr. Anne Chappel

Anti Aging Physician PhmbleGrove Health Centre, Sydney, Australia

“As an anti-aging specialist, I have been absolutely delighted with the Luscious Lips range. They provide an easy effective lip treatment. They quickly add volume and moisture resulting in a stunningly youthful appearance of the lips without making them look unnatural. At the same time the lipsticks provide a healing and moisturising treatment..I heartily recommend them!” – Dr. Anne Chappel

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Dr. Bulent Cihantimur

MD, Plastic Surgeon, Turkey

“Finally I get to buy INFRACYTE Luscious Lips® and experienced its wonders! It definitely did not disappoint me! It is not only moisturizing, but helps to plump my lips and restored youthful healthy lips instantly! - Dr. Bulent Cihantimur