Product FAQ's


What is INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® Anti-Aging Treatment?

INFRACYTE® Anti - Aging Luscious Lips® is an anti wrinkle treatment for lips 100% organic, non-injectable, designed to regenerate and rejuvenate lips, immediately after application.

Why is INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® Anti-Aging Treatment unique?

Luscious Lips® is an ALL IN ONE anti-aging lip treatment, which operates in four specific ways:

  • Wrinkle repair, volume, long-lasting moisture and healing.
  • It contains powerful patented ingredients that reduce wrinkles around and on the lips to improve the volume and restore youthful lips.
  • It contains organic ingredients that allow safe use by pregnant or nursing women.

Luscious Lips® is easy to apply, with a non-greasy texture and a very pleasant, discreet flavour of fresh mint and leaves.  There is no stinging or irritation commonly associated with most volumising lip products.

INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® offers immediate benefits in terms of volume and anti-aging action?

Hyaluronic acid - a moisturising agent that restores suppleness and smoothness of the skin whilst preventing dehydration and increasing lip volume.

Along with hyaluronic acid, organic oils have an excellent effect of maintaining moisture and initiates maximum hydration, even on dry, cracked lips.

Marine Collagen Peptide and dehydrated and chapped lips that reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

Vitamins C, E and K and organic natural extracts - Aloe Vera extract, seaweed, stevia extract and grape seed extract acts as a potent antioxidant that protects lips from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Can INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® be used after lip augmentation treatment with hyaluronic acid?

YES, Luscious Lips® Anti-Aging treatment is the perfect complement to injectable filler procedures with hyaluronic acid.  Constant use of Luscious Lips® prolongs the effect of augmentation/fillers.

 How to apply INFRACYTE® Anti aging Luscious Lips®?

Apply a generous amount over the entire lip applicator wand.

The volume begins to take effect after approximately 1 minute. A few more minutes after application, lip enhancing effect can be noticed by up to 80% improvement. Re-apply whenever and as often as you want.  Lip hydration benefits can be observed even after 24 hours, producing all the while, a feeling of comfort and care even in very dry or chapped lips. It can be used alone or with lipstick. To obtain long-lasting results, we recommend you use this as a daily treatment.

Can INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® be used safely during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

YES, Luscious Lips® can be used safely during pregnancy or nursing, because it contains natural organic ingredients.

How long will it take to see the results of Luscious Lips®?

With daily application, your lips will look rejuvenated with more volume in just 4 weeks. It is recommended to continue using INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® daily to see long-term benefits and to keep the effects of younger looking lips, that are moist, fleshy and without wrinkles.

Have there been reports of allergic reactions after using INFRACYTE® Anti -Aging Luscious Lips®?

As with any cosmetic product, some people may have an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients of the product. If you know or suspect that you may be allergic to any of the ingredients used in Anti-Aging Luscious Lips® product, you should stop using immediately.

If you think you have an allergic reaction, do not use the product and consult with your doctor.

Has INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® been tested on animals?

INFRACYTE® Luscious Lips® is not tested on animals.

  • Dermatologist tested and formulated by scientists
  • Benefits ~ anti-aging, moisturising, healing and enhances volume after the first application
  • Lip enhancing agent does not cause irritation or pain


Powered by patented peptides and dehydrated marine collagen; vitamin C, E, K; plant extracts and super fruit berries; organic moisturizing oils; and hyaluronic acid, Infracyte Luscious Lips Anti-Aging Lip Treatment is more than just a gloss. It's skincare for the lips!